Fun88 – The Card Game


Throughout the world online poker has continued to attract millions of the players, some people play as a Hobby and some has become a professional player in it that are making the millions of dollars through online and live. Among the players of all ages Poker game in India is rising popular in it. The number of players is rising and people are showing great interest in it to learn how to play it online to making profits for it. Fun88 is the most entertaining game of the skills which has allowed the player to earn it a good amount of money.

Online gambling is something which usually done on the internet. There are various types of internet gambling like casinos, game betting’s, poker etc. Not all places will allow for gambling’s. Few countries or places is against for gambling’s and it’s illegal to gamble in those countries. However, countries like USA, and countries like European is legal. This gambling’s are generally is to gain money through games or some bets that happens on the internet.


How to play the game?

The first step to play is to download it online software- poker from the site. There are various types of Poker game that one can play online – Texas Hold’em (King) It is very hard to master it though it is easy to learn:

  • Online Poker Tournaments – It is popular widely both online and live. Poker Stars and Party poker are the major Poker that is available.
  • Omaha High- The players receive the four Hole cards and it is quite similar to the Texas Hold’em. In Europe, it is quite popular in the country.
  • Omaha game- Instead of two each of the player will start with the four hole cards.
  • Pot Limit Omaha- It is one of the second played most in variation in the world. Each of the players will be dealt with the Four Private cards and community card- five.
  • Crazy Pineapple- The player is dealt with the three hold cards and after the flop, it has to discard it. With a deck of cards, the game can be played between the 6 to 9 players.

 Over the past decade, the Poker game has taken into a new height. It is widely played in India- Online card games. There has been a rising exponential in the number of registrations on Online Poker sites due to a rise in the easy Internet accessibility and awareness. Anyone can learn the game easily.

Today with the fast-paced technology ridden lives, it is great having such interactive and colorful online gambling sites where one can enjoy many games and earn along.