Scatter symbols


Scatters are another popular type of symbols in online slots games. They are the rarest to obtain, but have the advantage of not having to appear on a payline for them to take effect. This effect is usually different from slot to slot, although it usually takes at least 3 scatter symbols, which can guarantee:

Free Spins

Extra multiplier

Additional winnings

Bonus symbols

Bonus symbols are conceptually close to scatters, with the difference that they give life to a particular bonus screen. These two types of symbols are often interchangeable, although in most cases the bonus symbols are related to the theme of the slot. Bonuses are usually the most innovative features in the game. They can dive into a gameplay that is also very different from the standard game, with more options and perhaps even particular and more accurate sound and visual effects – not to mention the richer rewards ไฮโลไทย.

Sometimes, these bonus screens also force you to make choices, interacting with the game beyond simply choosing the initial bet and pressing the ” spin ” button . Obviously, since ease of use is the hallmark of a game like slots, these are not too difficult choices to make.


The Multiplier Symbols

Multiplier symbols, such as scatters, are not very common. You will already have understood from the name what they do: they multiply your winnings. These multiplier symbols, as they are called in jargon, can appear on the reels, just like all other symbols, but they increase the payout of the lines exponentially.Multipliers can also be basic symbols, but they have an additional icon that indicates how much the prize will be multiplied (x2, x3, x5 and so on). There are some multiplier symbols that double as wilds, multiplying the prize of any winning combination they help form.

Stacked characters

Stacked characters are another newly formulated type of slot characters, which is instantly comprehended by all online casino performers. Stacked symbols “spread out” on the reels , thereby increasing the odds of forming a winning payline .

Sometimes, stacked symbols, which are actually larger versions of classic symbols, can also add a bonus or even act as a wildcard; in the latter case, we are talking about stacked wild symbols, among the most sought after by slot machine enthusiasts.

Sticky symbols

We close our complete guide on slot machine symbols with sticky symbols, another great novelty of the most modern slots . When you manage to get sticky symbols on the reels, they stay “stuck” in place for a varying number of spins.