The Websites for Online Lottery in Vietnam

Numerous websites offer you to play and enjoy lottery online. But have you ever heard of fake websites, yes they exist too, and there you can lose your hard-earned money, and obviously, you don’t want. Therefore, to make your lottery winning successful, enjoyable at the same time safe, here you should know about few websites who won’t disappoint you instead would give you a joining bonus as well given if you join as a member and the whole deposit and withdrawals process is super easy to do and you even get a guide on cách làm số đề before you start with your lottery.

The good and bad websites to look out for-

  1. LOTO188- Emerging recently as one of the best online gambling game
  • One of the emerging sites is bingo in Vietnam.
  • The odds for this are very good.
  • And it’s the agent for the default account of the player.
  • Minus point is it’s a bit slow for the withdrawals and therefore some orders may get dropped because of that.
  • And the daily withdrawal is limited to five times so you have to play a bit cautiously.

  1. LIXI88- It has the same parent as LOTO188.
  • The first bonus as a deposit, you would get as 88,000vnd.
  • You will also get one percent as the deposit for a subordinate.
  • The odds for this are from one to ninety-nine.
  • Minus point stays almost the same when it comes to the withdrawals that they are slow therefore either win or chances are there for you getting stuck.
  1. WIN2888- lottery house online from Shanghai, China
  • The headquarters of this house is in Cambodia though it isn’t much far from the borders of Vietnam.
  • As for cách làm số đề, the odds range from one to seventy or one to eighty.
  • The time for withdrawals and deposits is normal.
  • Minus point is you don’t get any deposit as a first joining member.
  1. LD789- Digital web
  • Odds for these remain from one to ninety-nine.
  • Minus points are players have to interact with the agents.
  • Does not have any of its legal license for operating.
  1. LODE88- Lottery site registered as a scam.
  • Has a very low rate for eating, no promotions, and long withdrawals.

These were all the websites combined as reliable and fake so do give it a look before you start and play cautiously.